Accessing Your On-Line Account


Attention Inter-County Energy members!

Effective April 9, 2014 computers running Windows XP and IE 8 will not be able to access our Inter County Energy’s online bill payment portal.

Microsoft has announced that extended support for Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 will end April 8, 2014.

If you are currently experiencing problems paying your bill on-line, computers with Windows XP operating systems will need to be upgraded to Windows 7 or 8 before you can access the bill payment portal on Inter-County Energy’s website.

If you are using IE 8, it’s considered by Microsoft to be unsupportable due to its limitations in running current programs and applications. Computers running Windows XP can’t upgrade to IE 9 or 10 and therefore can’t reliably operate UPN.

If you can’t access our on-line bill payment system using UPN with your current operating system, please call our office direct at (859)236-4561 or 1-888-266-7322 Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm.



Member Numbers Change

Inter-County Energy would like to make our members aware of a recent update on how to access your on-line account in order to pay your electric bill.  If your on-line account was set-up using the member separator number, including a “dash” at the end, then you may experience a problem accessing your account.  If your account was set-up this way, then you will need to make the change which will include using the member number.  The member number is the numbers that appear in your customer account number before the dash.

To PAY YOUR BILL and make any changes necessary to access your account, click on the following link:

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