Electrical Inspectors

Who is the electrical inspector for my county and how do I reach him?

In order to maintain a certified Kentucky Department of Housing, Building and Construction inspector requires high standards of electrical safety, inspections of wiring installations. All wiring must conform to the requirements of the National Electrical Code (available upon request) and other local construction standards. Electrical inspectors are independent contractors and are not employed by Inter-County Energy. The certified inspector for each county and the number where they can be contacted are listed below. If you need more information please email us.

Lincoln/Garrard/ Rockcastle 
Tim Siler 

Arthur Elliott
(859) 734-3047&(859) 734-4909 

Boyle/ Marion/ Washington 
Mike Shannon
(270) 699-5703(Cell)&(270)692-9401(Home) 

Richard Beagle (859) 624-4780&(859) 661-2872

Pat Carey...(502) 348-1862 (Off)

David Viers...(270) 769-8221 (Cell)& (270) 769-5479(Off)

Coy Neat...(270) 849-5910(Cell)& (270) 465-2936(Home)

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