Other Services

Inter County Energy offers several other services throughout the year.  A few are listed below and more can be found throughout the website.

Outdoor Lighting
Inter-County Energy offers a variety of lighting products including decorative colonial, cobra head, directional floodlights, and security lights. We can customize plans to fit any lighting need.

Energy Analysis and Conservation Tips
Inter-County Energy will perform, at no cost, an energy audit of the home and offer tips on reducing energy consumption. By using these hints, members can tailor an energy conservation program to the family's needs.

Speakers Bureau
Speakers are available by request to discuss such topics as electrical usage and other related information. Speakers are available to all groups but are especially encouraged for schools and civic groups.

Member Communication
Inter-County Energy makes every effort to keep members informed on items of interest relating to the cooperative. This is done through local print and broadcast media and the center section of the monthly magazine, Kentucky Living.


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