Planting Trees

When planting trees, find the right one for the right place.

    Before you plant new trees this next year, know which trees can be planted where, and look up and all aroundyou to be aware of where overhead power lines are located.

   Ground-hugging shrubs and small trees that reach no more than 15 feet in height can be planted near overhead lines: however, trees should never be planted directly under power lines.

   Trees that could be planted near over-head power lines include Japanese Red Maple, Crabapple, Dogwood and a Chinese Jupiter.

   Trees that mature within 25 to 40 foot height should be planted no closer than 30 feet from the power line.  Some species of trees in this range are: Kwanzan Cherry, Hedge Maple and Eastern Hemlock.

    Trees that exceed 40 feet in height should be planted no closer than 50 feet from lines.  Trees in this range include: American Elm, White Pine, Birch and Sycamore.

     Use this diagram to determine the minimum distance to plant from utility poles and lines based on a tree's mature height.

If you are not sure after reading this information, please call Inter-County Energy at 1-888-266-7322.




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