1,200 Watt Windspire Windturbine

About the Windspire

Affordable, attractive, and ultra quiet, Windspire® wind turbines give you the power to create clean energy from the natural wind just outside your door. At only 30 feet tall and four feet wide Windspire wind turbines are appropriate for urban, suburban and rural environments. Elegantly engineered, scalable and made in America, Windspires come as a complete system.

Designed for use where you live and work, Windspires are currently powering homes, small businesses, schools, museums, parks, vineyards, and commercial buildings.

Harnessing the Wind
Windspire® wind turbines generate power when wind blows against the vertical airfoils causing them to spin. This power is then converted to AC electricity and is immediately available to provide energy to your building. While the technology behind the Windspire is complex, the basic premise is simple: the stronger the wind the more power they will generate. In 11 mph annual average winds, each Windspire will generate approximately 2,000 kWhs a year depending on windspeed.  Please see the attached information Inter-County Energy has gathered since May 2011.

Wind and Site Requirements
The Windspire® wind turbine was designed to operate in areas with average wind speeds of at least 10 mph (4.5 m/s), although they work best where average winds exceed 11 mph (5.4 m/s). Winds vary by location, even within a property, and generally preferred sites have access to clear wind. By using this link, Windpspire Windturbine, more useful information can be found along with quidelines and specifications.



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