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Cooperative Services

We offer a variety of Cooperative Services.  Please download a copy of those services.

Usage History and Billing Analysis

As a member you have access to your daily usage by downloading our mobile app or by accessing our online Bill Pay system on our website.  You can also select our new E-bill option to receive your monthly bill by email and to stop receiving paper statements. It's as simple as logging in to get started. Billing Analysis.  A detailed examination can help members understand the bill and determine where electric energy is being consumed.  Please call our Member Services Department and request a billing analysis from one of our energy advisors.

Prepay Services

With the Prepay Service Program (“Prepay”), residential members may purchase electricity before they use it.  Prepay residential members avoid paying deposits, late fees, collection fees and/or reconnect fees. Prepay provides members the chance to become more aware of energy usage and better manage energy consumption. Read

Prepay Service Tariff

Levelized Billing

Inter-County Energy offers a Levelized Billing Program for residential members that will ease the burden of high bills and allow you to pay an average bill each month. The levelized amount is based on the average consumption for the most recent 12 months. The bill amount will not be exactly the same each month, but will increase or decrease slightly as the consumption pattern changes. This avoids extreme fluctuations in payments because of seasonal increases and decreases in electric power usage.  

It's Easy to Join
If you have been a member of Inter-County Energy for 12 months or longer at your current location, sign up any time since there is never a "settlement" month. Sign and mail in the Levelized Billing application or call our office for more information if you would like to level out your household budget before the summer cooling season catches you with high bills.

Automatic Bank Draft (EFT)
Inter-County Energy also offers members an Automatic Bank Draft Service. If you enroll in this program, your electric bill is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each month.

Automatic Bank Draft Service will save you time, postage and check costs. In addition, you will have the security of knowing that your bill will always be paid on time--even when you are away from home. To enroll in this program, send in the signed Auto Pay Form or call our office for more information. 


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