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Energy Star Appliance Rebates



When it’s time to replace an appliance in your home, look for the ENERGY STAR certified label. As a cooperative member, you may be eligible for a rebate ranging from $50 to $300 for qualifying ENERGY STAR appliances. The ENERGY STAR certification means products meet strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and that means you can reduce your energy bills, improve comfort and help protect the environment. For qualifying purchases, rebates will be made as follows.  This became effective after January 15, 2015.

ENERGY STAR Appliance                 Rebate Amount

Refrigerator                                          $100

Freezer                                                 $50

Dishwasher                                           $50

Clothes Washer                                     $75

Heat Pump Water Heater                       $300

Heat Pump (15 SEER minimum)             $300

Central Air Conditioning                       $300

Check on a status of a rebate that has been submitted.

REBATE APPLICATIONS: These can be printed and mailed in if you don't have access to a computer.  You can also bring the forms by our office and we will submit them for you.

Air-Source Heat Pump & Appliances: Member Rebate Application  & Rebate Application for Landlord/Agency/Other

To verify a qualifying ENERGY STAR appliance.           


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