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Guarding Your Personal Information

Guarding Your Personal Information

Inter-County Energy takes every precaution to protect your personal information, whether it’s in the office or when you call to pay your bill over the phone. Inter-County Energy would like to introduce you to Call Guard (  Call Guard is a new product that will allow you to pay your bill over the phone with a debit or credit card without giving the CSR taking your payment your card information.    

With Call Guard the agents will ask each callers to use their telephone keypad to enter their debit or credit card numbers (and security code if required) followed by the  hash or pound symbol instead of reading the numbers to the agent.  Call Guard interprets the tones from the entered numbers and places the numbers into the appropriate fields on the pay site.  The numbers appear on the screen as asterisks so the agent cannot see them and, as a result, will not be able to read the card number back each caller.  Successful data entry will be determined when the agent processes the payment and is able to respond back with a confirmation number. 

Full rollout of Call Guard is expected to be complete by early January, if not sooner.  Change is never easy, but when you type in your own card details it remains private and is not stored in any of our systems resulting in less of a chance that your personal information could be accessed by hackers. Please bear with us through this change as we will try to make it as smooth as possible.

Here’s a sample question: Why are you asking me for my own card details?

When you type in your own card details, your personal card data is not stored in any of our systems.  Your card data remains private to you, and nobody has access to it after your payment has been authorized.  Below are a few hints.

  • Your keyboard ‘NumLock’ on your phone will flash each time a tone is detected.

  • If the member presses star * they can begin again.

  • The ********card information will only appear on your screen once the member types the hash or pound symbol #.

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